Call before intervening with orphaned or injured wildlife
It is easy to mistake a healthy baby for one that may be orphaned or injured.
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Neuroscience student named Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar
“School and tennis are my top priorities,” Ly-Nguyen, of Canada, said.
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DVM class of ’21 donates to Good Samaritan Fund
COVID-19 changed graduation plans and the class had more money than typical to direct to their gift.

WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital a top‑rated emergency facility in the West
Certified as a Level I facility by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS).

Dodger no longer ‘living on borrowed time’
The Peterson family made a commitment to Dodger when they brought him into their home.

Cougs step up, break giving records during #CougsGive 2021
Washington State University alumni and friends stepped up in a big way!

Canine companions still needed for Dog Aging Project research
Looking for local and regional canine participants to be part of the Dog Aging Project.
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Mending Butch’s broken legs
Exactly how Butch, a Labrador-retriever mix, ended up alone and suffering with two broken legs is anyone’s guess.
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WSU researchers look to quantify dairy cow health and wellbeing
WSU researchers are using a human medical technique to measure the impact of common diseases affecting dairy cows.
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WSU veterinary college consistently an NIH top-funded school
The WSU College of Veterinary Medicine ranked No. 6 among veterinary colleges nationally for National Institutes of Health research funding last year.
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WSU veterinarians help save rare California condor
Takihin is just one of roughly 500 of her species alive.
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COVID‑19 vaccine questions answered in new WSU video series
With eligibility for the COVID‑19 vaccines expanding, a new four‑part video series from WSU examines common questions and concerns.
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WSU veterinarians: Don’t buy a rabbit this Easter
Idaho documented its first case of a fatal viral disease in wild rabbits.
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Protein may be key to blocking a nauseating bacterium
WSU researchers have discovered a protein that could be key to blocking the most common bacterial cause of human food poisoning in the United States.
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DVM student finally a U.S. citizen
Michael Micheal couldn’t help but cry when he learned he would become a U.S. citizen.
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New treatment helps paralyzed dog walk again
The doorbell rings, shattering a moment of rare silence in a home enlivened by two young boys and a pair of hunting dogs.
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Making teaching matter
For Steve Hines, it was Mrs. Ellen Walters, his fifth- and sixth-grade teacher at Walter Shade Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio, that brought together his love for animals and science.
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Kangaroos need care, too
Veterinarians last week at Washington State University were paid a visit by an animal 8,000 miles from its natural habitat
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WSU sampling wastewater to help contain spread of COVID‑19
Wastewater samples from Pullman campus are being regularly collected and screened as part of the university’s efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19.
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