Coming out for Cougs like him
Counselor Rocky Lucas knows trauma and the first-hand benefits of his profession.
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Team of WSU veterinarians help black Lab defeat cancer
Complicated surgical procedure offers potential cure for dog diagnosed with cancer.
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NIH $1.3 million grant launches MARC program for WSU undergraduates
Maximizing Access to Research Careers supports underrepresented biomedical students.
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Leveraging the secrets of hibernation to treat diabetes
Foundational research is incredibly important because there are still so many unanswered questions in the world.
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Dr. Dale Moore recognized for accomplishments
Dr. Moore is the recipient of the 2021 UC Davis Distinguished Alumni Award.
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Passing the baton: Abbott to lead WSU’s Diagnostic Challenges
Once a participant in the fourth Diagnostic Challenges, 26 years later Dr. Jeffrey Abbott will lead the program.
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Screening for hearing loss before it happens
“It’s a collaboration of AI, computer science and hardcore biology.”
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Donors like Larry save lives
Larry is the typical Newfoundland dog – big, cuddly, and friendly.
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Making her own way: A legendary Coug family finds a new field
Carly Ellingsen comes from a long line of Cougar blood.
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Loved dog beats deadly immune system disease
More than half of dogs diagnosed with the disease do not survive.
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WSU’s new WADDL facility advances animal and human health
The new facility will be virtually dedicated via the College of Veterinary Medicine YouTube channel.
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Helping Margie beat the odds
WSU veterinarians helped Margie, a newborn horse, survive a complication during birth.
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Veterinary Teaching Hospital a WSU success story during pandemic
WSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital continued to operate throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Call before intervening with orphaned or injured wildlife
It is easy to mistake a healthy baby for one that may be orphaned or injured.
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Neuroscience student named Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar
“School and tennis are my top priorities,” Ly-Nguyen, of Canada, said.
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DVM class of ’21 donates to Good Samaritan Fund
COVID-19 changed graduation plans and the class had more money than typical to direct to their gift.

WSU’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital a top‑rated emergency facility in the West
Certified as a Level I facility by the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (VECCS).

Dodger no longer ‘living on borrowed time’
The Peterson family made a commitment to Dodger when they brought him into their home.