The virologist preparing Africa for the next pandemic
Kariuki Njenga talks about his work building a pan-African study to find emerging diseases quickly.

WSU begins project to detect new viruses
Researchers hope to identify future possible pandemics.
Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Academic groups seek easier approval path for gene-edited food animals
When geneticists modify a food-producing animal, the changes are typically regulated as drugs.
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

Financial tips for owning a pet
Take inventory before making a commitment.

Three dogs die after swimming in Little Spokane River
The three hunting dogs had good health and swam in the river regularly with no problem.

What Every Single Pet Owner Needs to Know About Pets and Essential Oils
Essential oils could be harmful to pets under certain circumstances.

Pig has 23-pound tumor removed in lifesaving surgery
Agricultural animal team performs life-saving procedure.

Gene Editing: Experts Say it’s Time to Remodel Regulatory Landscape
Gene editing has the capacity to create transformational change in our food production systems.

Keep pets cool
WSU Veterinarians advise pet owners to keep their pets cool during this heat wave.

Partnering for pets
How two WSU grads came to buy the Audubon Veterinary Clinic.
Spokesman Review