Looking to add to the flock
WSU raptor club seeks to replenish its membership.
Lewiston Tribune

Orphaned, but newborn foal Margie beats the odds
WSU veterinarians helped Margie survive a complication during birth that only 32% of foals survive past 320 days.

Experts Warn People To Leave Baby Wild Animals Alone
Veterinarians are asking people to leave baby animals alone they may see out in public this spring, saying even if animal looks abandoned, its mother is likely not far away.
Spokane Public Radio

23 Dogs Test Positive for COVID-19 Antibodies in Washington, Study Finds
A study conducted by researchers at the University of Washington discovered that 23 dogs had tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

'This boy has a lot of life ahead of him'
SCRAPS and WSU vets work together to save dog found with two broken legs

23 dogs in Washington test positive for COVID-19 antibodies
These are the first known cases of pets testing positive in Washington state.

An awesome story to be part of
How a shelter, vets and community members rallied to save an abandoned dog.
Spokesman Review

WSU Researchers Studying Canine Longevity
The Dog Aging Project is a joint effort by WSU and several other higher education institutions.
Spokane Public Radio

Wildlife officials warn about buying bunnies as Easter gifts
Easter might be a little less hoppy this year, after Idaho and Washington wildlife and agriculture officials warned people not to buy bunnies as Easter gifts.
Seattle Times

Kenya: Spotlight on the President as Thousands Face Bleak Future
The lack of economic measures to cushion the citizens from this second lockdown has raised fears of more job losses

WSU Scientist building searchable coronavirus database
Long before any of us had ever heard of COVID-19, Dr. Michael Letko was studying coronaviruses.

What Are Sperm Telling Us?
Scientists are concerned by falling sperm counts and declining egg quality.
The New York Times

Why camels are being watched by virus hunters
In northern Kenya, researchers are working to prevent a dangerous coronavirus – Mers – from jumping from camels to humans again.
BBC Future

Ask Dr. Universe: Why do dogs and cats spin around before they sit down?
Dr. Universe: Why do dogs and cats spin around before they sit down? – Antonio, 10, Richmond, Virginia Dear Antonio, That’s a great observation about cats and dogs. I took your question to my friend Dr. Jessica Bell.
Spokesman Review

A wild mink in Utah has Covid-19. Veterinarians fear this is just the beginning.
Which animals can catch Covid-19, which can’t — and why it matters.

Cinco no more
Horse has extra limb removed at Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Seattle Clinic Helps Pets and Their Owners Get Care
People without housing don't always get much-needed medical care, and many of them have dogs or other pets who need care, too. The One Health clinic in Seattle has both veterinarians and doctors so unhoused folks can get care for their pets and for themselves.

Cats, dogs, anteaters among critters tested for COVID-19 at WSU
The data set is a menagerie of sorts with mostly negative test results, as the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory tests for COVID-19. The lab is doing limited testing of human and animal samples, looking for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Is College Football Making the Pandemic Worse?
The game has a remarkable power to bring people together. Right now, that’s a problem.
The New Yorker

Scientists Scanning Household Pets for COVID-19
As COVID-19 cases surge in the U.S., one Texas veterinarian has been quietly tracking the spread of the disease — not in people, but in their pets.