Why 'BPA Free' May Not Mean a Plastic Product Is Safe
The study started as an accident. Geneticist Patricia Hunt of Washington State University and her team were investigating the reproductive effects of BPA in mice. Housed in BPA-free plastic cages, the test group got doses of BPA through a dropper; the control group didn't.
National Geographic

Better understanding melanoma, WSU cancer researchers hone in on UV damage mutation sites
Washington State University Molecular Bioscience researchers have developed a way to identify where in the human genome ultra-violet damage or damage from sunlight concentrates to cause melanoma.

Solving world hunger, one cow at a time
After spending 10 years in Thailand as a child, Jon Oatley, director of the Center for Reproductive Biology at Washington State University, developed a passion for ending food insecurity around the world.
Moscow-Pullman Daily News

Elk hoof disease research in hands of Washington State University Veterinary School
Washington State University is poised to take over inconclusive research on elk hoof disease that’s been plaguing elk west of the Cascades in Washington and Oregon.
The Spokesman-Review

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Offerdahl Selected as WSU Teaching Fellow
School of Molecular Biosciences faculty member Erika Offerdahl was selected as one of four inaugural WSU 2017-18 Teaching Fellows.
WSU Office of the Provost

He Learned About Science By Rubbing Calves' Ears
When Dr. Thumbi Mwangi was a child growing up in Kenya, his father would send him out to care for the calves. East Coast fever was infecting cattle. If the cattle were infected with the protozoan, it could be deadly.

Three WSU women in STEM win Goldwater Scholarships
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