PrIMe researchers featured in Today’s Breeder magazine

Feb 15, 2019

Drs. Katrina Mealey, Michael Court and Stephanie Martinez are featured in Issue 98 of Today’s Breeder, a Nestlé Purina publication. The article, “SOS: Saving Sighthounds from Anesthetic Drug Death,” details the research efforts by Drs. Court and Martinez to address the genetic causes of adverse drug reactions to anesthetics as well as delayed postoperative bleeding in Greyhounds and related sighthounds. “MDR1 Gene Mutation in Herding Breeds Tied to Adverse Drug Reactions,” showcases Dr. Mealey’s groundbreaking discovery of the MDR1 gene mutation and development of the genotyping test that has saved the lives of countless affected dogs.

For more information about the sighthound DNA samples that PrIMe researchers are collecting for their ongoing studies featured in Today’s Breeder, Sighthound DNA Samples .