Meet the Class of 2021: Sarah Calvin

Dec 18, 2020
If you’re looking for four-leafed clovers, don’t forget to bring Sarah Calvin.

Sarah, who grew up in Rochester, Washington, has a knack for finding four-leafed clovers. She has hundreds. “For some reason they are the first thing I see when I look over a clover patch,” she said. Sarah is a Coug through and through. She completed her undergraduate degree in animal science at WSU and will receive her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in May. She also hopes to stay on the Palouse and provide veterinary care to large and small animals.

When she is not hitting the books, Sarah enjoys swimming, biking, playing disc golf at Sunnyside Park, and painting; watercolor is her favorite medium. She also likes cooking for her husband Justin and their friends. “I've always wanted a career where I can serve people, I can be around animals, and no two days look the same,” Sarah said. “Veterinary medicine was the perfect fit!”