Meet the Class of 2021: Sarah Kwon

Dec 26, 2020
Sarah Kwon learned she wanted to be a veterinarian while working as a guide in Maui with the North Pacific humpback whales and in wildlife rescue rehabilitation on San Juan Island.

“I wanted a career that would allow me to support a family and provide care for animals and people – being a veterinarian was the perfect answer,” Sarah said.

An avid hiker and fan of the Palouse, one can often find her with her pup Tato (like Potato) on a backroad not far outside of Pullman. “I love how remote Pullman is and that you can go just a few miles out and not run into anyone,” she said. Sarah has three pets; her pup Tato, a 3-year-old mixed breed rescue from Taiwan; Cheddar Cheese, a 5-year-old domestic short-haired cat; and her 9-year-old, “feisty, old lady kitty” Stella Luna. After graduation, Sarah, a Federal Way, Washington product, plans on practicing small animal medicine and dabbling in pocket pet medicine in the greater Austin, Texas area. She’s also nearly completed here acupuncture certificate through Chi University. “My dream is to practice both Eastern and Western medicine to benefit each of my patients,” she said. To help balance the stress of veterinary school, Sarah practices yoga and meditation. She also loves cooking plant-based meals for her boyfriend and friends.

Fun Fact about Sarah: “I have bungee jumped in multiple countries with the first time being at the original commercial bungee jumping location off the Kawarau Bridge near Queenstown, New Zealand.”