Meet the Class of 2021: Cord Kivi

Mar 25, 2021
To earn a little money for his college tuition, Cord Kivi worked for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for five summers as a wildland firefighter on an engine crew based out of his hometown, Ellensburg, WA.

It probably helped that he loves to get away. “There’s something cathartic about getting away from civilization and technology. I enjoy camping, hiking, hunting, and fishing,” Cord said. “When life isn’t too crazy, I like reading a good novel. I’m currently reading ‘Frankenstein.’ ” Cord said he recently learned how to fish from his girlfriend, fellow fourth-year veterinary student Annie Frosolone.

This spring, Cord is moving to Oak Harbor, WA, to work at Penn Cove Veterinary Clinic, a small animal practice, but he hopes in time to add large animal medicine to his resume. His favorite place on campus is The Caring Call statue, which he said was an inspiration to him. “I find the human-animal bond to be of paramount importance,” Cord said. “In third grade, I learned of my golden retriever’s death from my parents when they picked me up from school. I was heart-broken and did not understand why we couldn’t do more for him. As a veterinarian, I will be in a unique position to work with owners to give their animals the best quality of life and help them make informed decisions regarding their health.”