Teaching Awards

Apr 14, 2021

Congratulations to our Jerry Newbrey Teaching Scholars and WIMU USU and MSU Excellence in Teaching Award recipients. 

Many thanks to these individuals for their extraordinary and varied efforts to deliver an exceptional DVM education across the WIMU Program.

2020 Newbrey Teaching Scholars

Andy Allen

Animal Medicine

Annie Chen-Allen

Small Animal

Sarah Guess

Small Animal 

Gary Haldorson

General & Systemic

Ashley Hanna


Steve Hines

Veterinary Immunology

Steve Lampa

Small & Large
Animal Anatomy

Lais Malavasi


John Mattoon


Pete Meighan


Leslie Sprunger

Small Animal 

Kyle Taylor


Tom Wilkinson


The designation of Newbrey Teaching Scholar, given in the name of Dr. Jerry Newbrey - an exceptional teacher in our college from the mid-1970s to early 1990s - is awarded for excellence in teaching on the Pullman campus during the first three years of the DVM core curriculum.  The Newbrey awardees are recognized each spring for achievement in the previous calendar year. It is awarded to permanent CVM faculty members whose composite scores rank in the top 20 percentile on the college’s standardized student evaluations.  For consideration as a Newbrey Teaching Scholar a faculty member must: 

  • teach at least 10% of a course in the core curriculum (or have at least 6 contact hours), and
  • receive standardized evaluations from at least 50% of the veterinary students enrolled in the course. 

2021 WIMU USU and MSU Excellence in Teaching Awards

The WIMU Excellence in Teaching awardees for USU are selected by the USU cohort in the 3rd year of the program, with two recipients in each year of the program at USU. Similarly, the MSU cohort in the 2nd year of the program selects one recipient from their year in Bozeman.

2021 WIMU Excellence in Teaching Awards – USU, selected by the Class of 2022:

1st Year

Tom Baldwin

General Pathology

Heloisa Rutigliano

Physiology, Immunology, VM500

2nd Year

Rusty Stott


Bart Tarbet


2021 WIMU Excellence in Teaching Award – MSU, selected by the Class of 2023:

Alan Goldhahn

Principles of Surgery, 
Anatomy, VM500