Tom Kawula selected as College’s Director of Graduate Education

Apr 15, 2021

Dr. Tom Kawula, director of the Paul G. Allen School for Global Health, now has a new role as the Director of Graduate Education for Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. As director, Dr. Kawula will work to recruit top graduate students with a focus on increasing diversity across all programs. He will work closely with students and faculty to enhance the visibility and recognition of the outstanding research in our college.

Throughout his career, Tom has been committed to excellence in graduate education. He said graduate students are a driving force behind institutional success and recognition, including faculty satisfaction and retention, because they bring fresh perspectives, creativity, energy, and vitality to the college.

He plans to support existing graduate programs through internal and external evaluation that will measure placement and success of students’ post-graduation, as well as address the content, quality of scholarship, diversity, and career development.  In addition, his goals include improving graduate training to meet current demands and opportunities, and supporting a training environment that is inclusive and respectful of student needs as well as faculty expectations.