Meet the Class of 2021: Anna Aguirre

Apr 22, 2021
Anna Aguirre met her husband, James, in Pullman during her freshman year while pursuing her degree in animal science.

Two weeks from today, seven years later, she will walk with her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and the duo will be headed closer to home.

Anna will work at Lake Meridian Animal Hospital, a small animal general practice in Kent, Washington, not too far from her hometown of Puyallup and her family.

Once she earns her DVM, Anna hopes to work toward her goal of visiting all 62 national parks. So far, she’s been to 14, with Zion National Park topping the list.

“I love the red rock canyons and the wildlife, although I am a PNW girl at heart,” she said.

For her high school graduation present, her dad took her to Zion and found they themselves caught in Narrows Canyon during a flash food.

“Luckily, we made it to our halfway campsite right before the rain started,” she said. “The Utah and Arizona parks were some of the first I visited and they really inspired me to try to visit every park at least once.”

Anna also enjoys camping, crocheting, reading with her husband, and hanging with her 9-year-old mixed breed, Duncan, named after the character in the book “Dune.”

During school, Anna also developed an interest in behavior medicine from working with Duncan. She also has an interest in emergency medicine.

“I've always had a strong desire to work with animals, and loved science growing up. I also grew up seeing my dad, a human physician, interacting with his patients and forming relationships with them, and that always really spoke to me,” Anna said. “So veterinary medicine seemed like the perfect marriage of being able to work with animals and connect with the people who love them.”