Q&A with biochemistry student Zach Fisher

Apr 22, 2021

Ask neuroscience student Zach Fisher where is from, and the Navy brat will struggle to give  an answer. Before moving to Pullman, the answer was outside Silverdale, Washington, where he graduated from Central Kitsap High School. Zach enjoys running, ultralight backpacking, and trapping people in long conversations about which shoes take best care of your feet. After spending the last few years in western Washington, he’s also enjoying the open sky of the Palouse. #CougScience

Where are you from and where did you graduate high school?
I always find this question harder than it should be. I was a Navy brat, and we moved around so much when I was young, I never developed a sense of being "from here." I graduated high school from Central Kitsap High in Silverdale, Washington. I am at WSU finishing a degree in neuroscience.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
I am super into ultralight backpacking and have no remorse trapping people in long conversations about composite fabrics and which shoes take best care of your feet over several thousand miles. I also run a bit, read a lot, and pre-pandemic would play D&D.

What’s your favorite thing about WSU?
I am really enjoying this region in general. After spending the last few years in the Seattle/Tacoma areas, the open sky of the Palouse has been wonderful.

What’s your favorite course you’ve taken at WSU?
I'll say Dr. Ryan McLaughlin's Neuro 301, because he is just the nicest guy ever. One-time post-exam, the class was arguing a little too hard for more lenient grading on a question, and he pointed out that he got the problem from a question bank for Canadian elementary students. It might be that I have a horrible sense of humor, but that was the funniest scene I've gotten to watch in a hot minute.

What’s one of your favorite things?
Nick Harkaway's “The Gone-Away World.” My favorite book by far. It's a weird cross between pulp fiction and a rant about all the ways that modern life can grind the empathy out of human beings. That doesn't quite get to the essence of it, but it is the best I can do. It's a fantastic novel. It contains passages that I reflect on more than anything I was ever forced to read in school. It also has a kung-fu battle between ninjas and mimes.