SMB student honored with Top Ten Senior award
Mikayla Beckley was recognized for her campus involvement.

Meet the Class of 2021: Kelsey Roberts
As a child, Kelsey Roberts often passed on the cartoons and woke up early to watch emergency animal shows on Animal Planet.

Q&A with genetics and cell biology student Thomas Ballinger
Thomas is planning to get his Ph.D. here at WSU through the Students Targeted through Advanced Research Studies (STARS) program.

Meet the Class of 2021: Anna Aguirre
Anna Aguirre met her husband, James, in Pullman during her freshman year while pursuing her degree in animal science.

Meet the Class of 2021: Aaron Deml
In his spare time, Aaron Deml performs stand-up comedy at Etsi Bravo in downtown Pullman.

Q&A with biochemistry student Haley Morris
Haley Morris doesn’t listen to much music that came out after 1989 – and her favorite band is Queen!

Meet the Class of 2021: Natalie Hurst
Natalie Hurst is a “foodie.”

Q & A with neuroscience undergrad Max Melville
Neuroscience major Max Melville loves amateur astronomy and Pullman is a great place to see the stars.

Meet the Class of 2021: Cord Kivi
To earn a little money for his college tuition, Cord Kivi worked for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for five summers as a wildland firefighter on an engine crew based out of his hometown, Ellensburg, WA.

Meet the Class of 2021: Megan Donovan
Megan Donovan’s laugh is so loud there’s a good chance you will hear her before you meet her.