Tomorrow’s Scientists: Ginny Park
Ginny Park hopes her research at Washington State University will create a better understanding of how chronic cannabis use affects the human brain.

Q&A with neuroscience undergraduate Alexandra Malena
Neuroscience undergraduate Alexandra Malena completed the Los Angeles Marathon when she was just 17.

Meet the Class of 2021: Minas Mkhitarian
Minas Mkhitarian lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains from April to September 2012, building and maintaining hiking trails with a professional trail crew.

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Dr. Ahmed Lugelo
Dr. Ahmed Lugelo, a doctoral candidate in the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health, didn’t enter veterinary medicine for fame and fortune — it was for the fancy cars.

Q&A with microbiology undergraduate Emma Ledbetter
Emma Ledbetter is a BIG fan of “Star Trek: The Original Series.”

Meet the Class of 2021: Peter Welsh
Peter Welsh enjoys mountain biking in the spring and fall and cross-country skiing in the winter but he'd rather do it with his two huskies leading the way.

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Matthew Mietchen
Doctoral candidate Matthew Mietchen is hopeful his research at Washington State University will help to create a better understanding of how and why infections move through populations — and save lives.

Meet the Class of 2021: Kaitlyn Gray
Kaitlyn Gray has quite a collection of pets.

Q&A with neuroscience undergraduate Shane Watson
It seems Shane Watson was born at the wrong time, since it’s unlikely he will see humanity explore space on a grand scale.

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Jessica Wong
Jessica Wong describes the work of veterinary pathologists as crime scene investigation but with less crime — and, at least in her case, more bacteria and ticks.

Q&A with biochemistry undergrad Jenna Rock
Jenna Rock loves to prank people. She also has a rubber chicken that she takes on all her adventures. “I take pictures of it with an Instax camera. That always gives me a good laugh,” she said.

Meet the Class of 2021: Tiffany McElroy
Tiffany McElroy is a bit superstitious, which is why she knew she had to wear the socks with her cat’s face on them and her lucky sweater the day of her boards.

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Marena Guzman
Working in School of Molecular Biosciences doctoral candidate Marena Guzman is a long way from her home in Phoenix, Arizona - nearly 1,000 miles as the crow flies - but she has settled right in at WSU, where her accomplishments both in and out of the lab will leave lasting marks.

Q&A with neuroscience undergraduate Amanda Richards
A big fan of “Invader Zim,” her son and the scientific study of the nervous system, Amanda Richards plans to apply to graduate school next year to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

Meet the Class of 2021: Lauren Brechner
Lauren Brechner is an old soul and a closeted punk rocker. She may be the only one in the Class of 2021 listening to Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Green Day on a record player. She’s also “obsessed” with old sitcoms, like “Friends,” “Cheers,” and “Frasier.”

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Seth Schneider
He once wrote a novel about a zombie apocalypse. Then there was that summer he and his brother hauled in nearly 100 Dungeness crab on Puget Sound.

Q&A with biosciences undergraduate Kalli Stephens
Kalli Stephens grew up in Orderville, Utah, not far from Zion National Park.