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Kariuki Njenga is building up capacity to study emerging infectious diseases in Africa.Credit: Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine
The virologist preparing Africa for the next pandemic
Kariuki Njenga talks about his work building a pan-African study to find emerging diseases quickly.

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Tatiana holding her bunny rabbit.
Nasal swap being done on a camel.
WSU begins project to detect new viruses
Researchers hope to identify future possible pandemics.
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Portrait of Francesca in the Mediterranean.
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Close up picture of cattle. Photo by Etienne Girardet on UnSplash.
Identification of Brucella protein could lead to infection treatment
One of the most widespread zoonotic diseases in the world, brucellosis can be spread through unpasteurized dairy products and close animal contact.
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Students participating in role play on stuffed animal.
A vet collects blood from a goat for testing RVF in Isiolo. Image: ILRI/ Geoffrey Njenga
Community resistance slows vaccination against Rift Valley fever
The zoonotic disease is spreading but elders say animals are too weak from the drought to be vaccinated.
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Collection of blood sample to test for Rift Vally Fever. Image: ILRI/Geoffrey Njenga
Researchers query recent Rift Valley fever deadly rampage
The zoonotic disease could be moving to colder locations and causing deaths more frequently.
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From left, Kristin Mansfield, with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and Susan Hahn, of the WSU Diagnostic Medicine Center, examine elk hooves in an effort to understand elk hoof disease in Western Washington.
Isla with her dog in the winter.
Screen grab from video in story. Interviewer with client and his dog.
WSU College of Veterinary Medicine students prepare canine vaccines during the Heathy People + Healthy Pets free health care service clinic for homeless and low-income people and their pets.
Viveka Vadyvaloo with fleas