Team members holding a swan that they will collect samples from.
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All creatures, far and near
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Hens in a field.
Bailey laying on an outdoor lounge chair and resting her chin on the arm.
Close up of Lola eating Italian Parsley.
Sarah Huston and her dog Larry during a hike along the Snake River.
Photo (c) John Fedele - Getty Images
Fourth-year veterinary student Jesse Cogdill poses with a golden retriever named Samson, who is a volunteer blood donor at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
Screen shot from video that captures Timothy Baszler with Washington Animal Disease Diagnostics.
Nine-year-old Bagel gets an eye exam from Dr. Ryan Baumwart to see whether she qualifies for the most high-profile part of the Dog Aging Project: an experimental trial of a possible anti-aging drug.
(Left to right) Joshua Ragasa, Jessica Lee, and Kylee Dayton.
Laura Williams using a microscope.
Laura Williams using a microscope.
Oakley, a 3-legged, mixed-breed rescue from Central America.