Dr. Janean Fidel, veterinary oncologist, and Margaret Wong, a fourth-year student, exam Abby prior to her second round of chemotherapy.
Stephanie Seifert and Pilar Fernandez inside the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health.
Global health researchers looking to improve the human condition
Deep in the Republic of the Congo’s vast rain forests, Stephanie Seifert helped equip hammerhead bats with GPS tracking devices so she and her team could watch their every move.

Cord Kivi leading a horse in the vet hospital.
Cougs give back: Support from an alumnus to a future veterinarian
When Cord Kivi receives his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine this spring, he hopes to honor a veterinarian and Coug alumnus whom he’s never met.

Giving Zsa Zsa a little more life
Paula Buchert is confident that radiation treatment at Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital extended the life of one of her best friends—an Angora rabbit, named Zsa Zsa.

Three veterinarians and on technician wearing masks that were donated.
Close up of Wazzu, the Indian runner duck's face.
Rosie and CeeCee