Postdoctoral scholar Kathir Selvam prepares alkaline loading dye as part of his research to determine gene damage caused by ultraviolet light.
Newly discovered gene sheds light on DNA repair
Scientists identify gene critical to important cell repair processes.
WSU Insider

Mona McGraw and Jeff Stuncard with their 9-year-old Maltese mix, Keylo.
Finding a cure for Cushing’s disease at WSU
Couple travels across the country to save their dog.
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Susan Noh using a microscope.
Committed to a deadly parasite
Susan Noh looks to optimize animal health by collaborating with researchers across WSU.
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Dr. Amanda Kappes feeds Itty Bitty an apple.
Potbellied pig has basketball-sized tumor removed
Agricultural animal team performs life-saving procedure.
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Soccer Team
A game of friendships, not goals
For veterinary students, soccer offers a much-needed release from clinical rotations, studies.
College of Veterinary Medicine

Scarlet, a calico with 3 limbs, playfully laying on her back.
There was hope bringing her to WSU
Veterinary oncology team treats cat for rare cancer.
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Chocolate lab drinking water from a fountain.
WSU Veterinarians: Keep pets cool this heat wave
Providing water and shade is the most important thing owners can do for their pets.
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Cow drinking out of a water trough.
Protect livestock and pets during heat wave, WSU experts warn
While different livestock and pet species have specific needs, Extension experts share general suggestions to keep animals safe.
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Rocky Lucas in the Compton Union Building on the WSU campus.
Coming out for Cougs like him
Counselor Rocky Lucas knows trauma and the first-hand benefits of his profession.
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Sophia and Josie, 12-year-old Labrador littermates.
Team of WSU veterinarians help black Lab defeat cancer
Complicated surgical procedure offers potential cure for dog diagnosed with cancer.
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Co-Principal Investigator Alla Kostyukava works with students in her office.
NIH $1.3 million grant launches MARC program for WSU undergraduates
Maximizing Access to Research Careers supports underrepresented biomedical students.
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Grizzlies at the WSU Bear Research, Education and Conservation Center. (Photo by WSU Photo Services)
Leveraging the secrets of hibernation to treat diabetes
Foundational research is incredibly important because there are still so many unanswered questions in the world.
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Dr. Dale Moore in a field with dairy cows.
Dr. Dale Moore recognized for accomplishments
Dr. Moore is the recipient of the 2021 UC Davis Distinguished Alumni Award.
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Passing the baton: Abbott to lead WSU’s Diagnostic Challenges
Once a participant in the fourth Diagnostic Challenges, 26 years later Dr. Jeffrey Abbott will lead the program.
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Screening for hearing loss before it happens
“It’s a collaboration of AI, computer science and hardcore biology.”
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Students in Clinical Simulation Lab
Larry, a Newfoundland, is shown with his owner, Sarah Huston, a licensed veterinary technician at the WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Larry is a regular donor at the veterinary hospital’s blood bank.
Donors like Larry save lives
Larry is the typical Newfoundland dog – big, cuddly, and friendly.
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Dr. Katrina Mealey poses for a picture with her dog Borghi.
Carly at a WSU football game.
Making her own way: A legendary Coug family finds a new field
Carly Ellingsen comes from a long line of Cougar blood.
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Rachel Faulkner’s 10-year-old Labrador mix, Zephyr, looking right at the camera.
Loved dog beats deadly immune system disease
More than half of dogs diagnosed with the disease do not survive.
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