Tatiana holding her bunny rabbit.
Isla with her dog in the winter.
Allyson playing in the snow with a black and white border collie.
Kirby Marden with a patient, a Burmese Mountain dog.
Sheldon Thomas
Soccer Team
A game of friendships, not goals
For veterinary students, soccer offers a much-needed release from clinical rotations, studies.
College of Veterinary Medicine

Meet the Class of 2021: Kelsey Roberts
As a child, Kelsey Roberts often passed on the cartoons and woke up early to watch emergency animal shows on Animal Planet.

Meet the Class of 2021: Anna Aguirre
Anna Aguirre met her husband, James, in Pullman during her freshman year while pursuing her degree in animal science.

Meet the Class of 2021: Aaron Deml
In his spare time, Aaron Deml performs stand-up comedy at Etsi Bravo in downtown Pullman.

Meet the Class of 2021: Natalie Hurst
Natalie Hurst is a “foodie.”

Cord Kivi walking a horse in the Veterinary Hospital.
Meet the Class of 2021: Cord Kivi
To earn a little money for his college tuition, Cord Kivi worked for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for five summers as a wildland firefighter on an engine crew based out of his hometown, Ellensburg, WA.

Meet the Class of 2021: Megan Donovan
Megan Donovan’s laugh is so loud there’s a good chance you will hear her before you meet her.

Meet the Class of 2021: Minas Mkhitarian
Minas Mkhitarian lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains from April to September 2012, building and maintaining hiking trails with a professional trail crew.

Meet the Class of 2023: Chase Campbell
WIMU Student Ambassador