Soccer Team
A game of friendships, not goals
For veterinary students, soccer offers a much-needed release from clinical rotations, studies.
College of Veterinary Medicine

Meet the Class of 2021: Kelsey Roberts
As a child, Kelsey Roberts often passed on the cartoons and woke up early to watch emergency animal shows on Animal Planet.

Meet the Class of 2021: Anna Aguirre
Anna Aguirre met her husband, James, in Pullman during her freshman year while pursuing her degree in animal science.

Meet the Class of 2021: Aaron Deml
In his spare time, Aaron Deml performs stand-up comedy at Etsi Bravo in downtown Pullman.

Meet the Class of 2021: Natalie Hurst
Natalie Hurst is a “foodie.”

Cord Kivi walking a horse in the Veterinary Hospital.
Meet the Class of 2021: Cord Kivi
To earn a little money for his college tuition, Cord Kivi worked for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources for five summers as a wildland firefighter on an engine crew based out of his hometown, Ellensburg, WA.

Meet the Class of 2021: Megan Donovan
Megan Donovan’s laugh is so loud there’s a good chance you will hear her before you meet her.

Meet the Class of 2021: Minas Mkhitarian
Minas Mkhitarian lived in the Sierra Nevada Mountains from April to September 2012, building and maintaining hiking trails with a professional trail crew.

Meet the Class of 2023: Chase Campbell
WIMU Student Ambassador

Meet the Class of 2023: Crystal Liu
WIMU Student Ambassador

Meet the Class of 2021: Peter Welsh
Peter Welsh enjoys mountain biking in the spring and fall and cross-country skiing in the winter but he'd rather do it with his two huskies leading the way.

Meet the Class of 2021: Kaitlyn Gray
Kaitlyn Gray has quite a collection of pets.

Close up image of Tiffany with cow.
Meet the Class of 2021: Tiffany McElroy
Tiffany McElroy is a bit superstitious, which is why she knew she had to wear the socks with her cat’s face on them and her lucky sweater the day of her boards.

Meet the Class of 2021: Lauren Brechner
Lauren Brechner is an old soul and a closeted punk rocker. She may be the only one in the Class of 2021 listening to Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, and Green Day on a record player. She’s also “obsessed” with old sitcoms, like “Friends,” “Cheers,” and “Frasier.”

Katy Olson holding a long-haired cat.
Meet the Class of 2021: Katy Olson
Katy Olson misses the mountains back home in western Washington but the Palouse’s rolling hills are a close second.

Audrey Spaeth holding a lamb.
Meet the Class of 2021: Audrey Spaeth
Fourth-year veterinary student Audrey Spaeth could be the best unicyclist in the Class of 2021, and she may have visited the most states, too: 47.

Alyssa Riley with two fluffy white puppies.
Meet the Class of 2021: Alyssa Riley
Alyssa Riley attended two different one-room school houses when she was growing up in eastern Montana.