Science Explained: Why is the Delta variant so contagious?
Strain replicates better than previous ones; vaccination remains best preventative measure.
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Roberta Koku, a graduate student in the lab of Dr. Susan Noh, performs DNA extractions from bacteria that will later be sent for genetic sequencing.
Study may advance control strategies for cattle killer
A parasite may initially infect cattle with multiple strains of bovine Anaplasmosis.
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Zeroing in on Zoonotic Diseases
Veterinarian and PNNL data scientist Lauren Charles talks animal-borne diseases—and how biosurveillance can help combat them.

Dr. Felix Lankester talks about rabies in Africa and what is needed to eliminate this disease
Emergence Podcast: Dr. Felix Lankester about rabies in Africa and what is needed to eliminate this disease, including how to manage with cold chain challenges and new approaches to large scale vaccination campaigns.

Delta variant poses threat to fall semester
New COVID-19 strain more contagious; precautions being taken in case of another outbreak
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Global Burden of Animal Diseases: A novel approach
A novel approach to understanding and managing disease in livestock and aquaculture

Susan Noh using a microscope.
Committed to a deadly parasite
Susan Noh looks to optimize animal health by collaborating with researchers across WSU.
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Immunization Awareness Month: An Expert Addresses Common Vaccination Myths
Meet the Expert: Dr. Guy Palmer
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WSU epidemiologist: Delta variant surges are likely
WSU Paul G. Allen School for Global Health epidemiologist Guy Palmer said the best defense against illness remains vaccination.
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WSU faculty named leaders, new members of Washington State Academy of Sciences
Two College of Veterinary Medicine members among additions.
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Agrilinks-Feed the Future
Addressing Food Safety in Aquaculture Systems in Developing Countries
Foodborne diseases (FBDs), caused by ingesting food contaminated with hazards, is a significant source of morbidity and mortality around the world.

Fellows Selected for New Scialog: Mitigating Zoonotic Threats
Paul G. Allen School for Global Health researchers Pilar Fernandez and Lauren Charles selected as fellows for the Scialog: Mitigating Zoonotic Threats, a multidisciplinary group of researchers to address the global threat to human health from animal-borne infectious diseases.

Experts who crunch daily Covid-19 figures revealed
Co-chairs of Center for Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis, Loice Ombajo an infectious disease specialist and Thumbi Mwangi an infectious disease epidemiologist address a press conference at University of Nairobi.
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KTN News Doctor's Diary: Prof. Thumbi Mwangi
Prof. Thumbi Mwangi explores his journey from a veterinarian to a researcher.
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Researchers launch Sh600m drive to wipe out cattle fever
Prof Thumbi Mwangi, the project director, said it would combine laboratory science and field studies and will also improve the nutritional status of households, particularly women and children.
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