Portrait of Francesca in the Mediterranean.
Olivia Willis at sunset.
Kady Audette showing her dog.
Long Nguyen in a lab.
Tirinity Wood holding a WSU flag while on a hike.
Evelyn Rowe
Q&A with genetics and cell biology student Thomas Ballinger
Thomas is planning to get his Ph.D. here at WSU through the Students Targeted through Advanced Research Studies (STARS) program.

Haley Morris on Granite Mountain.
Q&A with biochemistry student Haley Morris
Haley Morris doesn’t listen to much music that came out after 1989 – and her favorite band is Queen!

Q & A with neuroscience undergrad Max Melville
Neuroscience major Max Melville loves amateur astronomy and Pullman is a great place to see the stars.

Q&A with biochemistry student Megan Johnsen
Megan Johnsen is on the pre-med track with plans to specialize in anesthesiology.

Q&A with microbiology undergraduate Emma Ledbetter
Emma Ledbetter is a BIG fan of “Star Trek: The Original Series.”

Q&A with neuroscience undergraduate Shane Watson
It seems Shane Watson was born at the wrong time, since it’s unlikely he will see humanity explore space on a grand scale.

Q&A with biochemistry undergrad Jenna Rock
Jenna Rock loves to prank people. She also has a rubber chicken that she takes on all her adventures. “I take pictures of it with an Instax camera. That always gives me a good laugh,” she said.

Q&A with neuroscience undergraduate Amanda Richards
A big fan of “Invader Zim,” her son and the scientific study of the nervous system, Amanda Richards plans to apply to graduate school next year to pursue a Ph.D. in neuroscience.

Q&A with biosciences undergraduate Kalli Stephens
Kalli Stephens grew up in Orderville, Utah, not far from Zion National Park.