Science Explained: Why is the Delta variant so contagious?
Strain replicates better than previous ones; vaccination remains best preventative measure.
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Zeroing in on Zoonotic Diseases
Veterinarian and PNNL data scientist Lauren Charles talks animal-borne diseases—and how biosurveillance can help combat them.

WSU epidemiologist: Delta variant surges are likely
WSU Paul G. Allen School for Global Health epidemiologist Guy Palmer said the best defense against illness remains vaccination.
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Fellows Selected for New Scialog: Mitigating Zoonotic Threats
Paul G. Allen School for Global Health researchers Pilar Fernandez and Lauren Charles selected as fellows for the Scialog: Mitigating Zoonotic Threats, a multidisciplinary group of researchers to address the global threat to human health from animal-borne infectious diseases.

Experts who crunch daily Covid-19 figures revealed
Co-chairs of Center for Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis, Loice Ombajo an infectious disease specialist and Thumbi Mwangi an infectious disease epidemiologist address a press conference at University of Nairobi.
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KTN News Doctor's Diary: Prof. Thumbi Mwangi
Prof. Thumbi Mwangi explores his journey from a veterinarian to a researcher.
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Researchers launch Sh600m drive to wipe out cattle fever
Prof Thumbi Mwangi, the project director, said it would combine laboratory science and field studies and will also improve the nutritional status of households, particularly women and children.
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Ticks affect not just milk, money, but school attendance also
East Coast Fever is a livestock disease that causes substantial losses in beef and milk and is costly to treat.
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Scientists bet on lab to eradicate deadly livestock diseases
For years, Kenyan livestock farmers have incurred animal, livelihoods and lives losses thanks to infectious animal diseases such as the East Coast Fever (ECF), Rift Valley Fever (RVF) and foot and mouth.
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Q&A: WSU infectious disease expert discusses COVID-19
Guy Palmer is regents professor of pathology and infectious diseases at Washington State University, and senior director of global health at WSU’s Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health.
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MWANGI: Compelling reasons to trust fast-tracked Covid vaccines
Thumbi Mwangi, an infectious diseases epidemiologist, spoke on concerns around the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines, and specifically addressed drug efficacy due to the speedy lab-time turnaround.
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Stephanie Seifert and Pilar Fernandez inside the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health.
Global health researchers looking to improve the human condition
Deep in the Republic of the Congo’s vast rain forests, Stephanie Seifert helped equip hammerhead bats with GPS tracking devices so she and her team could watch their every move.

Animal Health Lab Grows a New 'Wing'
Food security and disease diagnostics are a main focus for the WADDL lab.
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Tomorrow’s Scientists: Matthew Mietchen
Doctoral candidate Matthew Mietchen is hopeful his research at Washington State University will help to create a better understanding of how and why infections move through populations — and save lives.

WSU Scientist building searchable coronavirus database
Long before any of us had ever heard of COVID-19, Dr. Michael Letko was studying coronaviruses.

WSU researchers test wastewater for COVID-19
Samples collected twice a week through pipes on campus; results processed within 24 hours.
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UoN Partners with US University in Ksh100 Million Deal
The University of Nairobi has partnered with the Washington State University (WSU) in a bid to strengthen research and study on infectious diseases such as the Rift Valley fever and Covid-19.