Experts who crunch daily Covid-19 figures revealed
Co-chairs of Center for Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis, Loice Ombajo an infectious disease specialist and Thumbi Mwangi an infectious disease epidemiologist address a press conference at University of Nairobi.
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Stephanie Seifert and Pilar Fernandez inside the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health.
Global health researchers looking to improve the human condition
Deep in the Republic of the Congo’s vast rain forests, Stephanie Seifert helped equip hammerhead bats with GPS tracking devices so she and her team could watch their every move.

Tomorrow’s Scientists: Matthew Mietchen
Doctoral candidate Matthew Mietchen is hopeful his research at Washington State University will help to create a better understanding of how and why infections move through populations — and save lives.

graphic of earth surrounded by viruses
Tracking a Pandemic—Through Words
Text analysis software developed at PNNL helps the nation track global biothreats, such as COVID-19.
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Your Pets Unlikely to Get or Give Coronavirus
The threat that the virus causing COVID-19 could sicken pets and spread between them and their owners is extremely low, veterinarians say.
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Where science takes you
When Washington State University doctoral student Kaitlin Witherell was a child, she frequently went to work with her scientist mother.
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