Savannah Sanchez in a lab.
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Viral haystack
The human world is in the throes of a deadly coronavirus outbreak, yet it’s just one among tens of thousands of coronaviruses in the animal kingdom.
Washington State Magazine

Understanding immunity to improve health
Just a few short hours after illness-causing bacteria enter the human body, a sophisticated defense system goes to work. The immune system quickly recognizes the foreign invaders and sends a well-orchestrated, frontline defense.
WSU News

Elk Hoof Rot Research Center Nears Completion, Captive Study Planned for 2020
Washington State University will open its $1.2 million elk hoof rot disease research center in Pullman before the end of this calendar year, and studies with captive elk are expected to begin by next spring.
The Daily Chronicle

Amid genomic data explosion, scientists find proliferating errors
Washington State University researchers found a troubling number of errors in publicly available genomic data as they conducted a large-scale analysis of protein sequences.
WSU Insider

Troubling Number of Errors Found in Publicly Available Genomic Data
A recent large-scale analysis of protein sequences conducted at Washington State University revealed a troubling number of errors in publicly available genomic data. The study, published in Frontiers in Microbiology, has important implications for future genomic research.
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