Chocolate lab drinking water from a fountain.
WSU Veterinarians: Keep pets cool this heat wave
Providing water and shade is the most important thing owners can do for their pets.
WSU Insider

Rabbits munching on grass and clover.
WSU veterinarians: Don’t buy a rabbit this Easter
Idaho documented its first case of a fatal viral disease in wild rabbits.
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Silhouette of horse with orange smokey background.
‘Don’t ride’ – Maintaining horse health in the smoke
As wildfire smoke blankets the Pacific Northwest, WSU equine veterinarians suggest owners take extra precautions to make their horses and large animals are safe and comfortable.

Cushing Disease Dog
What is Cushing’s Disease?
Cushing's disease is a common endocrine disorder affecting dogs.

Camelid in vet hospital
Lethargic Dog
Coughing Dog