Savannah Sanchez in a lab.
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Veterinary students find common ground in Mexico
Aptly named VACA, which is Spanish for “cow,” a new bilingual and bi-cultural livestock veterinary course debuted at the CSU Todos Santos Center in Baja California Sur Mexico in July. Veterinary Action for Consulting in the Americas (VACA) explores veterinary skills associated with ranch consulting on livestock health and management, while incorporating language and culture courses into the curriculum. Eight students from six veterinary schools in the United States and Mexico participated in the course, which was led by livestock faculty member Dr. Katie Simpson from Colorado State University, Dr. Jose Erales Villamil from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY), the state university of Yucatan in Mexico, and Dr. Elia Alvarez Ramos from the CSU Todos Santos Center.
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UW, WSU community partnership: Improving the health of homeless youth and their pets
Rivals in the sports arena, the state’s two largest public universities have teamed up off the field to improve the health of young adults experiencing homelessness – and their pets.
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