Dr. Felix Lankester talks about rabies in Africa and what is needed to eliminate this disease
Emergence Podcast: Dr. Felix Lankester about rabies in Africa and what is needed to eliminate this disease, including how to manage with cold chain challenges and new approaches to large scale vaccination campaigns.

KTN News Doctor's Diary: Prof. Thumbi Mwangi
Prof. Thumbi Mwangi explores his journey from a veterinarian to a researcher.
KTN News - Kenya

Researchers launch Sh600m drive to wipe out cattle fever
Prof Thumbi Mwangi, the project director, said it would combine laboratory science and field studies and will also improve the nutritional status of households, particularly women and children.
The Star - Kenya

Ticks affect not just milk, money, but school attendance also
East Coast Fever is a livestock disease that causes substantial losses in beef and milk and is costly to treat.
The Standard

Close up image of camel.
Why camels are being watched by virus hunters
In northern Kenya, researchers are working to prevent a dangerous coronavirus – Mers – from jumping from camels to humans again.
BBC Future

Cattle walking
USAID Feed the Future awards WSU $6 million for Animal Health Innovation Lab
A new $6 million grant from USAID will enable Washington State University’s Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health to tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges in agriculture and food security.
WSU News

Terri the tortoise was injured in Benton City, Washington. Kyley Ackerson and David Copper drove 2.5 hours to get Terri, to the veterinary hospital at WSU, where they ultimately paid over $3,000 in medical expenses for her. (Courtesy Kyley Ackerson)
Tortoise left for dead could have another 90 years to live, thanks to her neighbors
Terri the tortoise was left for dead in a Benton City driveway in March after being run over by her owner as he drove to work.
The Spokesman-Review

Dori Borjesson
Giving women in veterinary medicine ‘true role models’
This morning, when Dori Borjesson walked into Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine as dean, it was a first for women. Until today, no woman had ever led the college in its more than 120-year history.
WSU News

Dr. Jennifer Scaccianoce, a clinical assistant professor at ISU College of Veterinary Medicine, organized a collective kneel in support of White Coats for Black Lives, a national campaign to dismantle racism in medicine. (Photo by Dave Gieseke/ISU)
Veterinary colleges committed to anti-racism, say Black lives matter
Greater recognition of systemic racism and calls for social justice have come in the wake of the most recent killings of Black individuals by police, including George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and the resulting protests.

WSU neurology resident Hilary Wright poses with HoneyBee, a Maine Coon. WSU veterinarians removed a tumor from the pituitary gland at the base of HoneyBee’s brain.
WSU vets put this cat back on track
A rare brain surgery performed by Washington State University veterinarians is giving one retired Japanese show cat a chance at a longer life, free of diabetes.
WSU News

Researchers study how often household pets contract COVID-19
WSU researchers, in cooperation with University of Washington’s Center for One Health Research, are studying how often household pets can contract COVID-19.
Daily Evergreen

Research Team Asks Dairy Industry For Help With Coronavirus Survey
What will be the ultimate impact on U.S. dairy farms from the coronavirus, and what can the industry do to address the results?
Bovine Veterinarian

Can you infect your dog, cat or ferret with the coronavirus? WSU and UW researchers want to find out
Kuehl and her colleagues hope to collect samples from at least 100 other pets across King County in the coming weeks as part of a research project to understand the way the virus spreads to domestic animals.
Seattle Times

Coughing Dog
UW, WSU study testing whether pets are vulnerable to COVID-19
While veterinarians have said in the past that there’s little evidence COVID-19 can be spread to or from pets, a coalition of Washington researchers are hoping to gain more insight.

WSU senior headed to Wales as a Fulbright Student
WSU senior biology and music double major and future veterinarian Thomas LeClair is the 2020 recipient of a Fulbright Student Award.
WSU Insider

WSU Veterinary Hospital treats 2020’s first tick paralysis case
Warming weather in the Pacific Northwest has brought the first case of tick paralysis to Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
WSU Insider

Research delayed, rodent populations reduced during pandemic
Universities try to reduce risk to humans, maintain animal welfare as studies halted

WADDL tests pets for COVID-19
The Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory began testing pet animals early April to determine if pets have COVID-19.
Daily Evergreen