Dori Borjesson
Giving women in veterinary medicine ‘true role models’
This morning, when Dori Borjesson walked into Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine as dean, it was a first for women. Until today, no woman had ever led the college in its more than 120-year history.
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Dr. Jennifer Scaccianoce, a clinical assistant professor at ISU College of Veterinary Medicine, organized a collective kneel in support of White Coats for Black Lives, a national campaign to dismantle racism in medicine. (Photo by Dave Gieseke/ISU)
Veterinary colleges committed to anti-racism, say Black lives matter
Greater recognition of systemic racism and calls for social justice have come in the wake of the most recent killings of Black individuals by police, including George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and the resulting protests.

WSU neurology resident Hilary Wright poses with HoneyBee, a Maine Coon. WSU veterinarians removed a tumor from the pituitary gland at the base of HoneyBee’s brain.
WSU vets put this cat back on track
A rare brain surgery performed by Washington State University veterinarians is giving one retired Japanese show cat a chance at a longer life, free of diabetes.
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Research Team Asks Dairy Industry For Help With Coronavirus Survey
What will be the ultimate impact on U.S. dairy farms from the coronavirus, and what can the industry do to address the results?
Bovine Veterinarian

Team of UW and WSU researchers study if pets are safe from COVID-19
As knowledge of COVID-19 transmission continues to expand, veterinarians and researchers are working to determine how companion animals fit into the equation.
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6.6M dollars awarded to train infectious disease researchers in sub-Saharan Africa, South America
The Global Infectious Disease Research Training (GID) grants will provide research training through five projects located in Bolivia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Peru.

Can you infect your dog, cat or ferret with the coronavirus? WSU and UW researchers want to find out
Kuehl and her colleagues hope to collect samples from at least 100 other pets across King County in the coming weeks as part of a research project to understand the way the virus spreads to domestic animals.
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WSU senior headed to Wales as a Fulbright Student
WSU senior biology and music double major and future veterinarian Thomas LeClair is the 2020 recipient of a Fulbright Student Award.
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WSU Veterinary Hospital treats 2020’s first tick paralysis case
Warming weather in the Pacific Northwest has brought the first case of tick paralysis to Washington State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
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Police K9, Chief, leaving WSU vet hospital
Shot K9 returns to Moses Lake with honor procession
Chief underwent emergency surgery; he is now stable, returning to Moses Lake
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Moses Lake police K-9 released from hospital after losing eye in shooting
Following a CT scan, veterinarians were surprised to discover that the bullet went through the dog’s left eye and shattered his jawbone, missing the brain.

Police Dog to Have Eye Removed After Being Shot on Duty
Washington state authorities say a Moses Lake police dog is scheduled to have his eye removed during surgery after being shot while chasing a suspect.
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Saving Chief: WSU vets care for K-9 unit dog shot on duty
Thanks to life-saving efforts by Washington State University veterinarians, one of Moses Lake’s four-legged finest returned home today — just days after suffering a gunshot wound to the head.
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Seattle clinic treats people and pets together
Novel One Health collaboration helps vulnerable young adults, tests integrated model
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New dean selected for WSU College of Veterinary Medicine
Dori Borjesson has been selected as the new dean of Washington State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. Borjesson’s first day at WSU will be July 20. She will replace interim provost Bryan Slinker, who plans to retire.
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WSU names dean for College of Veterinary Medicine
Washington State University has named Dr. Dori Borjesson the new dean of the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine.
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Mutation puts some dogs at risk of death
A genetic mutation could cause anesthetics to be more dangerous for some dogs if left undiscovered before surgery.
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Preventing adverse drug reactions in dogs
If not identified before surgery, a rare genetic mutation could result in your dog being exposed to dangerously high levels of anesthetic agents.

WSU study aims to prevent adverse drug reactions in dogs
WSU study aims to prevent adverse drug reactions in dogs
If not identified before surgery, a rare genetic mutation could result in your dog being exposed to dangerously high levels of anesthetic agents.
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Ringtail rescues
WSU team nurses and weens raccoon kits, then returns them to the wild
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