Veterinary student awarded American Kennel Club scholarship

Sep 2, 2020

Third-year veterinary student Kady Audette poses with her dog Stark, a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.

Kady Audette, a member of Washington State University’s Class of 2022, was awarded a 2020 American Kennel Club Veterinary Outreach Scholarship. The scholarship supports individuals with a background of participation in AKC events and programs, who seek to promote animal health and medicine.

In total, 15 veterinary students from 14 veterinary colleges throughout the country received the award.

Audette was the only recipient at a veterinary school west of Kansas.

Audette’s involvement with the American Kennel Club began at a young age. 

Her earliest memories of the AKC involved hiding in crates ringside at dog shows, running leashes for agility trials and eagerly waiting for her tenth birthday so she could begin showing dogs like her mom.

Since then, she’s maintained involvement through joining her local all-breed club and competing with her own dog. 

“The AKC has allowed for me to experience healthy competition, responsible breeding practices and promote a working relationship between breeders and veterinarians,” Audette said. “It is more than an avenue for competition for me. It’s allowed for me to grow and mature into a person I am proud of and allowed for me to create strong relationships with people around me.”

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