Meet the Class of 2021: Megan Mutascu

Oct 3, 2020

Just because you don’t have a science background doesn’t mean you can’t go to veterinary school.

Take it from Megan Mutascu. Megan loves music and animals and she didn’t give up either in her pursuit of an education. The fourth-year veterinary student has two undergraduate degrees from Seattle Pacific University; one in piano performance and another in psychology. “I always was interested in music as a kid and I didn’t want to let it go in college,” she said. Even now, she keeps her electric keyboard close and she enjoys playing when she’s not studying. Megan’s passionate about shelter medicine and helping animals in need of care. She has five animals to prove it! Two dogs, Roxie and Remi; and three cats, Tiny Tim, Mako and Pundri.


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