Meet the Class of 2021: Marina Soliman

Nov 7, 2020

Marina Soliman has traveled to more countries than states and she would love to go on a road trip soon to explore more of the U.S.!

Marina is one of seven ‘island students’ on contract at the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine. While Marina completed her first three years of veterinary school at Saint Matthew’s University in the Cayman Islands, like other ‘island students,’ Marina must attend another school for clinical training in her fourth year. “WSU was my top choice and I am incredibly grateful and proud to be a Coug,” she said. Marina enjoys scuba diving, swimming, drawing, creating homemade holiday cards, and rewatching Mrs. Doubtfire. Although she misses the sound of the sea and the motion of the ocean, she enjoys the calmness of Pullman. After she earns her DVM, Soliman plans to head back home to California to work at a small animal practice. “I have always loved being surrounded by animals, but I also enjoy getting to know the people around me. Veterinary medicine is a field where we get to be a part of someone’s story, care for a loved one, and help people and animals alike,” she said.

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