Meet the Class of 2021: Adam Ustach

Apr 14, 2021

Adam Ustach (’21, DVM) has five glo-fish named after food - Kiwi, Lime, Dragon (dragonfruit), Grape, and Banana - and a sucker fish named Popo that eats all the “fuzz” in the tank.

“We are full of puns in our house,” Adam said.

Adam; his wife, Kalyn, whom he met at a train stop in Cottbus, Germany; and his two kids, Carston, 3, and Ember, 7 months; will all be headed to the Salt Lake City suburbs this summer, where Adam will work at Copper View Animal Hospital, a small animal general practice in Riverton, Utah. 

Adam said he will miss the WSU campus, the different hikes around town, and the Snake River.

But some things will never change, like family members from four different states (Washington, Idaho, Utah, and California) coming together to play online games like “Among Us,” or games on the Nintendo Switch.

Adam also hopes to continue editing videos on his YouTube channel, “The Ustach Kitchen Table,” where you can dive into Ustach family fun, but mostly food.

Adam has a knack for working on cars, and you will likely find him listening to Disney music, Josh Groban, or 80s pop - his top three favorite music choices - while he is.

Also skilled in carpentry, he has dreams to be able to one day build his own furniture.

Most of all, the Los Angeles native and New Mexico transplant is just excited to begin his professional career on the western edge of the Rocky Mountains.

“I really enjoy seeing the joy in people’s faces when I can help their furry family member. I also enjoy the unknown of each and every case that walks in the door and having to figure it out,” he said.

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