Class of 2021 Zoetis, Wescott, and WIMU award recipients announced

May 11, 2021

Excellence in teaching, leadership and mentoring.

The Class of 2021 voted, and recipients for the Zoetis Distinguished Teaching Award, the Wescott Awards for Excellence in Clinical Training, and the Washington-Idaho-Montana-Utah (WIMU) Pre-Clinical Teaching Awards are in.

This year’s Zoetis Distinguished Teacher is Dr. Sarah Guess. The award goes to a teacher who, through their ability, dedication, character, and leadership, has contributed significantly to the advancement of the veterinary profession, as well as to student education. Award recipients from each veterinary college in the United States can be nominated for the national Zoetis Distinguished Veterinary Teaching Award.

Started in 1994 to honor Dr. Richard Wescott, a much-loved teacher and former associate dean of the college, the Wescott Awards recognize those who provide outstanding teaching and mentoring during clinical rotations.

This year’s recipients of the Westcott Clinical Teaching Faculty Awards are Drs. Sarah Guess, Jen Gold, Lais Malavasi, Ashley Hanna, Ahmed Tibary, and Rance Sellon. Veterinary technicians Connie Fraser, Eva Downs, and Marsha Ginther received Westcott Outstanding Staff of the Year Awards.

Based on excellence in teaching, mentoring, and demonstrating compassion for clients and patients, the Class of 2021 selected Dr. Carlos Valerio Lopez as the Westcott Outstanding House Officer of the Year.

The WIMU Pre-Clinical Teaching Awards recognize instructors from Pullman, Logan, or Bozeman before clinical rotations begin. This year’s recipients are Dr. Steve Lampa (Pullman), Dr. Becky Mattix (Bozeman), and Dr. Heloisa Rutigliano (Logan).

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